Act II: Issue #001

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After initially planning on translating Acts I-V as one shorter graphic novel per record, I realized, after digging into Act II, that there was more to explore, and explain than could be represented in five short books. Instead, I've decided to release these stories in issue format. 

Act II's story will be told over four issues, starting here with "#1". Hunter's final moments as an isolated and dependent youth, flinging himself into a world he never could have been ready for.  After Act II, each Act's issue count will be left up to the story itself, rather than bottle-necking it for the sake of cross-media continuity. 
This also means that starting with #1, I'll be able to release these books on a much more consistent schedule, whether or not a publisher becomes interested in the story. So instead of years between books, it will hopefully only be contingent on the time it takes to print.
The most important thing to me, though, is not having something that exists only as a companion piece for the albums, but to have a proper representation of the story in whatever form I'm trying to tell it in. I'm surprisingly (to myself) intrigued by the results of diving in deeper to the why of things, and thoroughly excited to share the findings with you all. I hope you enjoy it.